About DasWyf

Daswyf is a contemporary artist from South Africa. Her works showcase a high affinity for elements from expressionistic, impressionistic and modern art movements. Strong meanings and purpose is conveyed via her art.

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Artist Bio

Hailing from South Africa, DasWyf’s artworks are deeply influenced by her passions for science, the environment, and human experiences. Beginning her artistic journey fortified by an educational background, she earned a BSc from the University of Stellenbosch and certified in art and graphic design at Intec College. Later, she achieved a BSc (Hons.) degree from UNISA, broadening her worldview and intensifying her creative drive.

Drawing inspiration from her love for science and nature, DasWyf creates nature-themed works that seamlessly blend scientific formulas. She aspires for her art to kindle a zeal for nature and underscore the imperative to safeguard its beauty. Profoundly attuned to the beauty of life, DasWyf is acutely conscious of societal challenges, particularly those affecting marginalized communities. Moreover, she ardently champions initiatives to empower and embolden women.